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Storyteller | Animal Lover | Wine Drinker

When I was a kid, I thought that by the time I reached *unnamed current age*, I'd have my shit together and know what I was doing. You probably thought the same thing. 

We were dumb.   

I spend my grown-up(ish) days totally winging it through this excuse of an adulthood. Sometimes, funny stuff happens. Other times I learn some tough lessons, or just need to rant about some social injustice. In any case, I'd like to document some of those moments so that others can maybe benefit from them, and so I have something to read back on when I'm older or have lost my mind.  

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Oh hi! My name is Kathy. I live in Fredericton, NB, Canada where I spend 70% of the year cursing the weather and 98% of it cursing my dog. No other dependents, unless you count the one plant I've managed to keep alive (I think my niece waters it).

I have a job, a home, and a rhinocer-pony-dog named Banjo and a Great Dane named Norman who decided I was adopting him. Someone let me be an adult even though I'm scared of the dentist, don't really know how to use a screwdriver, and prefer to buy new underwear rather than do laundry.  I have no idea what I'm doing with my life, just that I have incredible people in it, I enjoy myself more often than not, and I laugh more than any sane person should - so maybe winging it isn't so bad.

These are my stories.  

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Feel free to send any suggestions, requests, feedback, etc. The internet-world is your oyster. I might not listen...but that doesn't mean you shouldn't send it anyway. 
Also, I'd really like to know where "the world is your oyster" phrase came from so if you happen to a girl out.

Thanks for submitting!

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