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Awkward Introductions

Okay, so. This is my first blog post. Which means that if you're reading this, we probably know each other somehow. You're probably pretty great, and I really appreciate you checking this out. There is the slight chance that I become super insta-famous though, and that this becomes bigger than me or you. Hordes of strangers from far and wide may come here to read something interesting and don't know all of my embarrassing stories already. Yeah, I don't know why either, but it could happen. So for those potential future fans; allow me to introduce myself and explain where this is coming from. Consider it a backstory, if that helps.

I'm a 39 year old semi-professional broad from northern New Brunswick now living in Fredericton. I have never been married, don't have two-legged children to put through school, and am single enough to have as many terrible dating apps on my phone as I want without upsetting anyone. That said, my house and life are full and I am happy.

I currently work at a software development company, managing our team of Technical Writers. I've been asked often what a Technical Writer does. There's probably a proper job description somewhere that I should use but I've found this summary to be most effective: Think of any software you've ever used. That crazy ass program, app, or site was created by some undoubtedly brilliant engineering minds. Those people are geniuses, but sometimes they forget that Average Jo(e) doesn't speak fluent C++ or *shudder* Clojure. So people like me try to translate that brilliant gibberish into English. *high five, self* Prior to that, I had a lengthy career at a BPO delivery centre wearing many hats including contact centre agent, trainer, customer advocacy manager, communications specialist, traveling training consultant, etc. This is relevant because there will no doubt be some references to work (current or past) in future posts. I'M SETTING A STAGE HERE GUYS, work with me.

Many future posts will reference my dog, Banjo. He's 140lbs of derpy mutt, and will have his own origin story in a separate post. For now, let me just warn you that most of my current stories involve him somehow. He's much more popular than I am, according to his Instgram account, so his stories are arguably more interesting than mine anyway.

I sometimes like to write something other than instructions and tutorials. I enjoy telling stories by painting you a word picture. Lengthy Facebook posts require expanding and scrolling, Twitter has a character limitation, we are. Now here's hoping it doesn't suck.

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